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Escape Room Budapest

Check out the coolest and most popular escape rooms in Budapest, and book your adventure online!

What you got at Escape Room Budapest

Enhance teamwork

The games can be played by up to 6 people, team working is a must to succeed!

Mind blowing puzzles

Search for clues, exercise your brain and solve the escape room puzzles together.

1 hour full of fun

You’ll have 60 minutes to escape the room or solve the mystery before it’s too late.

English & Hungarian scripts

The games can be played in both languages and without strong language skills.

No age limit

Our escape games are enjoyable for anyone - even for kids - with reading skill.

No jump scares

Our aim is to entertain, not to frighten, so the rooms might be spooky, but not scary.

Our players said

Check out our escape room ideas

Our escape room ideas have been tested and loved by tons of people, you’ll surely enjoy them too!

Escape room prices

Escape rooms are the most enjoyable, if everybody has something to do. Therefore keep in mind that even if it's possible to play in a team with more than 6 people, we highly recommend you to split and play in two different rooms.

2 players

15.990 huf / group

3 players

17.990 huf / group

4 players

18.990 huf / group

5 players

19.990 huf / group

6 players

20.990 huf / group

More about the escape games

Why choose Escape Room Budapest?

Our escape room ideas are challenging, but not impossible to solve. You’ll get to unleash your detective potential, think and have fun together as a team, while also having a sense of achievement at the end. The puzzles also offer a great opportunity to tight the bond, beat challenges and make memories together.

All these benefits make the programs of Escape Room Budapest the perfect ice-breaker at the beginning of a team building, stag do, hen party or any gathering with friends or family.

How to choose between the escape room ideas?

At Escape Room Budapest we have a wide range of escape room themes with complex stories behind them. Whether you are into crime stories, prison breaks, historical urban legends or cultural myths, you’ll surely find the coolest adventures!

You might also want to check out the difficulty level of the escape room themes to make sure that you’ll face optimal challenges.

Who we recommend to play

Good news, that there is no age limit to participate at Escape Room Budapest. Anybody - even children who can read -, have the chance to figure out the puzzles and escape the room. Thus our escape room ideas offer a fun program for birthday parties, team building, stag dos and hen parties or for any other gatherings regardless of age.

Have a blast with the guys, check out our escape room ideas and book a room online!

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