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Roxfort and the Legendary Beasts

Level: easy

Group: 2-6

Duration ~1 Hour

Playable in English or Hungarian

Escape room prices

2 players

15.990 huf / group

3 players

17.990 huf / group

4 players

18.990 huf / group

5 players

19.990 huf / group

6 players

20.990 huf / group

An evil sorcerer keeps our town in terror by conducting illicit alchemical experiments. After being banned from the royal palace for his suspicious experiments, he decided to use his methods to produce an infinite amount of gold in order to recruit an army of mercenaries and take revenge. The Ministry can only trust you to stop him before fulfilling his plan.

You have to sneak into his lab and steal all his equipment while he's away - all in less than an hour! Be careful with the potions in the lab, and always keep an eye on the door, as the sorcerer may return anytime.

1066 Budapest Zichy J. street. 39.

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