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Night at the Egyptian museum

Level: medium

Group: 2-6

Duration ~1 Hour

Playable in English or Hungarian

Escape room prices

2 players

15.990 huf / group

3 players

17.990 huf / group

4 players

18.990 huf / group

5 players

19.990 huf / group

6 players

20.990 huf / group

The hieroglyphs of ancient pyramids hold many dark secrets. Old legends say that Thot, the god of moon, Ra, the god of the sun and Anubis, the god of the dead are waging war against each other, which plagues the whole nation of Egypt. When the people started dying from diseases and hunger, the pharaoh decided to build a monumental pyramid and fill it with riches to appease the angry gods.

The ruins remained buried under the sand for centuries, until you found them during an archeological dig. Before you could get your hands on the ancient treasures of the pharaoh and his people, the government seized all of your findings and locked them up in a museum. Now your mission is clear: you have to break into the museum, get your research back and uncover the mystery of the pyramid.

1066 Budapest Zichy J. street. 39.

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