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Quick brain excercises part II

According to a quote attributed to Albert Einstein, "adversity introduces a man to himself," and there are times when we need to put ourselves in situations that are difficult in order to get to know ourselves and promote the growth of our brains. In addition, we need to have regular challenges thrown at us in order for our lives to be both healthy and fun. 

You and your group will be able to put your ability to solve problems to the test at Escape Room Budapest, where you may participate in a variety of puzzles, riddles, and mysteries in one of our rooms. Each of our rooms presents a unique obstacle for you to overcome. Which one would you find the most interesting?

But if you're looking to get some mental practice in before you try out some escape gaming, or even if you're just looking for some cerebral struggles to keep your grey cells in fighting form, then here are some quick activities for you to fit into your daily routine that will help keep your brain in fighting form. 

1. Memorise! There are certainly a great many locations available to each of us where we can record items or make lists, but instead of doing that, why not try using your mind? When you need to construct a grocery list or a to-do list the next time, instead of writing it down on paper, try writing it down in your mind and seeing whether you can remember it successfully. 

2. Take care of your timing! Close your eyes and try to keep track of one minute without looking at a watch or clock for one minute before opening them again to check your progress. Were you in the vicinity? 

3. Pay attention to this! Vary something that you do regularly, such as the order in which you complete your morning routine or the route that you take to work. This will prevent your brain from becoming too accustomed to behaviors that do not change. 

4. Visualise! Enter a room and choose five items, noting their locations throughout the room as you do so. Exit the room and make a mental note of each object as well as its location before returning. If you find that you are having trouble remembering it, try it again after two hours have passed. 

5. Words! Because the use of language is crucial to cognitive function, it is beneficial to practice using language often. See how many words you can come up with that start with a particular letter of the alphabet in only one minute of writing them down. How many did you get? 

Visit Escape Room Budapest, where you can put your problem-solving skills to the greatest test and get the most out of your mental workout!

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