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More about the escape games

Our rooms

We have a good selection of escape games to choose from and you will surely find something to your liking. All games are different, so you can choose more than one game and still get a different experience. Our rooms have no jump scares and lack disturbing elements. Some of them have an age limit, but it is clearly visible in the selection. These games are not meant to frighten you, they only give you that extra dose of adrenalin that you need to solve the puzzles in time. After all, research indicates that humans perform better under stress!

We have adventures that will take you the Middle Ages, a time travelling trip, a motel murder and much more. Whether you’re a fan of history, crime stories or adventures, you will get your own treat here. Just read the story description to find the one that is closer to you. All of our venues are carefully decorated, the games were tested by our staff so you won’t get locked away forever! Remember, there’s always a way out!

Our network of escape rooms also feature partners who can offer you even more games to choose from. Get ready for the Budapest escape gaming adventure as it is the latest adventure to hit the gaming industry! Try now and be part of the mystery experience that only our games can offer!

Budapest escape games

Come and enjoy the mystery and adventure of escape games in Budapest! All you need is a good team to get started. Whether you want to travel in time, solve a murder mystery or partake in a historical journey, our rooms await you! A new generation of gaming is here for you to discover. Try the best escape rooms in Budapest and have an excellent time!

Escape games offer the excitement and adventure of video games, but in reality! You don’t need to put on goggles or use a mouse to control the game. Trust your instincts, use logic and make the most of your team to figure out the puzzles. Escape games require good teamwork, concentration and deduction skills to leave the room in time. In our games, you have one hour to solve the riddles and escape. All stories are unique and feature a design put together by professional decorators and artists. A game master will guide you through the whole process, so you won’t need any prior practice. Don’t worry, nobody gets lost inside.

How to beat the game?

Anyone can beat our games, they are far from impossible. The only thing you need is a good team to get you through the difficulties. Divide the tasks, look for clues, combine the things you find. People have different skills that will help in the game. Try to harness the skills of your team and get everybody’s opinion on the mystery. Maybe they have some hidden skill that will help here!

Our games feature different puzzles that require a little thinking to solve. We have combination locks, timers, and hidden clues to collect. Sometimes it is the sequence, combination or the color code that will let your progress. Be resourceful and creative! You need to look out for many different possibilities and find the links between the objects and combinations. All games feature a story that is closely linked to the puzzle you’re trying to solve. If all else fails, we have a game master, who can help you if you get stuck. Our game masters are qualified people, who know every single bit of the game, so they will be able to give you small hints to help out. In the end, you will have one hour to complete the game and escape the room!

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