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Top Budapest Murder Mysteries

Ever wondered about the dark past of Budapest? The city witnessed several unspeakable murders that gave rise to some of the greatest escape rooms in the city. A brief overview will give you some insight into the violent history of Budapest.

Nándor Erdélyi was a serial killer who attacked shop assistants in Budapest and killed them in cold blood. Erdélyi was of the clever type, he had the idea to visit the police after a murder and gave false information in another case just to ask around about his own case. By the time he had has fourth victim killed, he went to the police station to get some information and realized that detectives are on his tail. He wanted to leave the country in a hurry but eventually, he was arrested and convicted for murder. His story and criminal thinking is reflected in serial killer escape gaming, just like in our serial killer escape room.

A famous case shocked the country in 2003, when the so-called Black Angel took the lives of hospital patients against their will. As revealed during the investigation, the nurse had a profile of psychopathic personality disorder, which led her to give lethal injection to around 30-50 patients. Only 7 cases of murder were confirmed, since she couldn’t always give a sound testimony, and the Black Angel was sentenced 11 years in prison.

A grotesque murder happened in 1925 when Gusztáv Léderer, a gendarme and war veterean killed his wife’s lover and chopped him into pieces. Léderer and his wife were living in a comfortable house after the World War 1 and the revolution in Hungary, but their fortune has changed in the coming years as the family had little money to spend. The butcher living nearby, Ferenc Kodelka, laid eyes on Léderer’s beautiful wife, and the couple got to meet time to time with the husband’s consent. After extorting money from Kodelka, Léderer shot him in the head and chopped his body into pieces. The couple packed the remains into suitcases and tried to dump them in the Danube, when night guard spotted them and called the police. Léderer was hanged for his deeds and his wife ended up in prison.

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