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The Serial Killer

The Serial Killer

  • 2-5 people - 14 000 HUF / group
    6 people - 16 500 HUF / group
    7 people - 19 000 HUF / group
  • 2-7
  • ~1 Hour
  • easy

The escape game which combines team work, swiftness and creativity! The Serial Killer – The newest escape game in Budapest is dynamic experience with an exciting storyline. Test yourself and see if you can catch the killer. The game is available for 5 people! The serial killer has found himself another victim. Your team has 60 minutes to stop the murder. The killer is choosing his victims according to specific characteristics, and then captures them. The task is based on the quick discovery of these specific characteristics. Seek the murderer, be an active participant of the exciting, adventurous escape game full of adrenaline. Solve the tasks, get more and more closer to the solution. Find out who will be the next victim and get the psychopath perpetrator to jail! The game is free from any kind of jump scare elements. The Serial Killer is a logic-based escape game in an exciting environment, set on a large area with an amazing design. It is recommended from the age of 16.

Try to stop the serial killer before he commits his next murder - and make sure it isn't you - in this creepy escape room!

  •   Professional game design, carefully tested environment and mechanism
  •   An experienced game master to guide you through The Serial Killer
  •   Easy to find location
  •   No jump scares
  •   English speaking escape game

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  • Please note that we have multiple locations.
  • The address of this room: 1061 Budapest, Székely Mihály u. 4.

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