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Why we love escape games

Escape rooms in Budapest have become one of the main attractions. Thousands of visitors and locals alike try their luck each week in the several dozen escape games of Budapest. The hype is real, but how could such a bafflingly simple concept grow into an exponentially growing business?

The human brain is wired to solve problems. Understandable, after all it was an evolutionary necessity. It was - and still is - our thing! We pride ourselves in overcoming immense scientific and social challenges. We built machines that can transport our meatbag-of-a-body to the Moon! We figured out how to can tuna! We can put papers that contain the excrement of our fellow human beings, making our young and old not smell! We just love to solve problems.

Problem solving is also present in apes, so we are not alone. However, putting a monkey in an escape room might not be a grand idea since primate cognition is still far from solving complex problems. Making tools, communication, even manipulation? Yes please! Getting out of the escape room Budapest challenges without trashing the place? Unlikely. (Although we just might try one day - for science.)

Ok, but where is the love? Solving riddles have been linked to taking drugs. Essentially, there is joy and satisfaction in figuring out something, it releases dopamine, making us feel good. Have you seen a mathematician after a day-long problem solving trip? That’s right, no! Because they are all inside, riding the sweet-sweet endless waves of joy.

Anyways, interested in emerging victoriously from the depths of an escape room? Book now and see how quickly can you think on your feet! You will have to work in teams in order to answer riddles. If you ever feel lost just look for clues, markings, scratches, anything that could mean something! The escape room Budapest games are difficult, but never unsolvable - and soon you will also understand why we all love escape rooms so much!

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