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Why do Humans Perform Better Under Pressure?


It is probably the largest of human dilemmas to figure out how we perform best in our everyday life. Though we are different in some many possible ways, a decent number of people perform well under stress. What’s the secret and what does it have to do with escape rooms?

First of all, all human beings are fantastic creations of millions of years of evolution. We have evolved to respond well to potentially dangerous situations and find and effective way to escape perilous places. Our body has specific reactions, called adrenalin rush and the enlarging of blood vessels, that will help us to maximize our potential. But that’s just the biological part of the story, there’s much more inside the human mind.

When we face a danger, we have this moment of clarity that the above mentioned reactions provoke. We want to escape, figure out a way by boosting all our senses. In this situation, the handling of stress is the dividing factor. Some people crack under it, others thrive in it. When you become focused, you will realize every nuance of your situation and you will start to analyze it. This can be called as the situation of challenge, well, if you take it that way. And it is a lot different from horror.

When you’re in an escape room in Budapest, you will have to solve a specific task, namely escaping the locked room in one hour. The clock is ticking, the pressure on you and your team is increasing so you have to get yourself together and make the most of your time. At this point comes the situation of challenge and you will be faced with your abilities to control it. If you focus, keep a rational mind, put away with your fear, you will succeed.

The thing to keep in mind is that you have to realize in a stress situation that you need to slow down, keep order and try to share the burden with others. These are the main coping mechanisms in your game. Don’t worry, your life doesn’t depend on it! If you manage to keep your cool, the good old adrenaline will be of great help!

If you feel up to the challenge, make sure to book your Budapest escape room adventure from us today!

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