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The Secrets of the Giza Pyramids


Have your ever seen the great pyramids of Giza? Most people who have done so still cannot comprehend their vastness and amazing design. They also inspired our escape rooms. People are fascinated by these structures and donated their lives for the search of mysteries and secrets surrounding the pyramids. Listen to the greatest and yet unsolved mysteries of Ancient Egypt!

The pyramids of Giza originate from the Old Kingdom from around 2500 BC. The pharaohs who built them represented the Golden Age of the Egypt with their amazing monuments. Wherever you look, you can see the traces of human hands that formed these giants. Their secrets still need to be discovered as scientist invite new technologies to study them to the smallest detail.

A recent advancement in particle physics helped to scan the interior of the great pyramid of Khufu and revealed that there is huge chamber hidden inside that was previously unknown. As you can imagine, archeologists are eager to enter the chamber, but they will need special drills and robots to do so, since it is deep within the structure. Engineers say it has to be a room, not a designed gap, as you don’t need to hold the walls above the Grand Gallery with such a big empty area. We will see what’s inside soon!

Another long mystery is the Sphinx. As it was carved out of stone there might have been a chamber here, but nobody knows what is exactly underneath it. There are many speculations but so far, none of them were confirmed. As it was analyzed from stone to stone, the detailed work of masons was uncovered, but archeologists will need the new scanning technologies to peek underneath the statue.

A long-standing mystery is how the Ancient Egyptians exactly built the pyramids. Although we know a lot by now, as to how the stones were carved and where were they mined, but some details are still missing. How did they lift them from the ground? How did they transport them? The extensive waterways used for the construction is still a mystery. Archeologists propose that there was a lost city that was basically the construction industry behind the pyramids.

Our escape room in Budapest pays homage to the secrets of the pyramids. If you want to discover the pharaoh’s burial chamber and its secrets, come to Escape Room Budapest and try the Egyptian adventure!

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