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What makes a great escape room?

Escape rooms offer a sense of mystery, adventure and irresistible challenge. Getting that perfect mix of theme and enjoyable puzzle mechanics requires a great amount of attention to detail. Any out of place element or overly perplexing clue can ruin the fun. So let’s see what makes a great escape room.

Is this broken, or is this a clue?

Everything in the room has to have a specific purpose. Whether it is a true clue or red herring, everything in an escape room should serve the greater purposes of the story and narrative. It’s tricky when there’s a puzzle where if you move something, you have the possibility of messing the game up. In a good game, you shouldn’t be worried about messing something up. If someone’s taken the time to really focus on the detail of the physical objects, chances are they’ve thought through the gameplay as well. Escape rooms also encourage teamwork. Getting players to find parts of puzzles is the first stage. Then they must work together as a team to solve the clue.

Use logic, not just locks

Puzzles have to make sense. Games that rely heavily on a ton of number locks, or even just repetitive types of locks that usually means it hasn’t been thought through. If you have a three digit number and you just have to try every lock to figure out which lock this number goes with. And that’s all. You’ve solved the puzzle. It’s just a mechanical thing, and that’s not super satisfying.

Not too hard, not too easy

Escape Room Budapest always tries to make a room that can work for as many different types of people as possible. Of course, once you’ve broken into an object or broken out of a room, the experience isn’t repeatable. But people keep coming back. Because they’ve loved it and it’s always exciting and fun to solve a puzzle.

You have 60 minutes to solve all puzzles, crack all codes, find the key and escape the room. Check out our selection of escape games and get ready for a thrilling experience. The goal is simple – set yourself free!

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