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Our Favourite Movie Villains

We all love a good villain – or a bad villain even, and they are perhaps all the more entertaining than the virtuous heros that we know will always overcome the odds to make a happy ending. Villains appeal to our wickedness, and that’s something we can all enjoy. So who are some of our all-time favourite paragons of evil?

Cruella De Vil– there’s no mistaking the nature of someone who has both the words ‘cruel’ and ‘devil’ in their name, and whose home is called Hell Hall. No intentions could be crueller than her plans to turn cute puppies into fur coats, yet her elegance and decadence make her a likeable character, as well as the cause of childhood nightmares!

Blofeld – undoubtedly the original evil mastermind and nemesis of the man who makes a day job of being suave, Blofeld’s camp-evil accented voice, his stroking of a bad-tempered Persian cat, and his predilection for unpleasant but impractical forms of torture all make him a blueprint baddy, and enough to be parodied as Dr. Evil in the Austin Powers films.

The Riddler– another great play-on-words villain, Edward Nigma (E. Nigma – geddit?) is one of those returning Batman baddies with a special interest in riddles and puzzles, as well as wreaking havoc in Gotham City. A signature party trick is riddling his victims and killing them for incorrect answers.

Moriarty– taking on the intellect of the great Sherlock Holmes is no mean feat, but the evil genius James Moriarty is up for the job, a man of great intelligence who Holmes refers to as the ‘Napoleon of crime’. Is he dastardly enough to confound our hero’s careful analyses of pipe tobacco, and other minutiae that is so important in fighting crime? Of course not.  

Lex Luthor– when you can fly, and do just about anything to make you strong and powerful, what kind of villain is needed to test your mettle? A capitalist megalomaniac apparently. The lowly Clarke Kent is nothing to Luther, and even Superman doesn’t make much of an impact in the boardroom. But we all know Lois is the one with the final say.


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