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Escape Room Budapest

Budapest's most exciting escape games!

Find your way out of sticky situations and locked rooms with your friends in the most immersive puzzle games Budapest has to offer! The escape rooms we offer are filled with challenging riddles, mysteries and mind games which will keep your team busy for sure. You will need teamwork, creativity and resourcefulness to escape in time, so bring your A team and game to be up to the challenge!

Our escape rooms offer an exciting activity to try with your friends, classmates or colleagues, and can accommodate groups from as small as two people to as many as six. Don’t miss out on some of Europe’s most well-designed and puzzling escape games when visiting Budapest!

Real life escape games!

Real-life room escape games are a type of physical adventure game in which people are locked in a room with other participants and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles, find clues, and escape the room within a set time limit. Escape rooms originate from video games, in which players had to escape from locked rooms by looking for clues in the surroundings, while other inspirations include adventure board games and famous movies! In a real life escape game, however, everything could have significant meaning! A scratch on the wall, a set of numbers, a cryptic message in the radio – combine the clues, use critical thinking skills and escape the room!

Think fast and beat the clock! Work with your friends and live the excitement that is an escape room!

Multiple locations, multiple exit games!

Our partner network offers a diverse variety of rooms and dungeons to escape from, each with their own unique theme and background story. Everyone can find a challenge to their taste and you won’t be bored even if you have already visited one of our escape rooms: every puzzle is a world of its own and every game offers new mysteries to solve! Check out our selection of escape rooms to find the one you can fall in love with!

From the catacombs of a great cathedral to the vault of a bank filled with gold, you and your team mates are sure to get lost in the immersive ambience of our games!

What is an escape game?

Escape rooms combine adventure, riddles, problem-solving and the pressure of having to solve each puzzle in a limited amount of time in an immersive atmosphere unique to each game. Participants need to think fast, work together towards their goals of solving the various mind-games they will have to face. As such, getting out of an escape room is a great opportunity for bonding, be it with a group of old friends, classmates you’ve just met or a team from your workplace in the form of a team building excursion.

The history of escape games

The earliest real-life room escape games date back to 2006, when a group of Silicon Valley programmers decided to base a room filled with riddles on the works of Agatha Christie. In the same year, escape rooms started to appear in Asia and Europe. Today, escape rooms are regular attractions all over the world, with Hungary being one of the leaders in the field in Europe alongside Switzerland and the Netherlands - so don’t miss your chance to try out some of Europe’s best escape games when visiting Budapest!

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