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New year & new opportunities


We were curious about what new things the new year has in store for us, what we need to change or what we need to strive for this year, in 2022 to be more successful than the previous one. We’ll look at the things that will help us get a better start to the year and help us move on to an uncertain but hopefully super new year.

Year after year, many people want to seize the opportunity to make a turning point in the new year that’s coming up. However, initial enthusiasm is often depleted quickly, and a significant portion of New Year’s resolutions fail in a few days or weeks.

Everyone was very busy in the Christmas bustle and everyone had a lot to do. We had a lot of challenges and stress, and we didn’t have much time left for gift shopping and cooking.

We think it is very important to always have time to relax. Therefore, we could start the year with a holiday. We would recommend Budapest because we live here, and this is our favourite as well. It is likely that if we did not live here, we would choose it as a place for a winter holiday anyways. There are many benefits to visiting Buda or Pest currently. For example, there are smaller crowds, no need to line up anywhere, less waiting time in museums, indoor programs are longer, no need to rush, and no need to reserve a table in most places.

Visiting the Escape Room Budapest can also be an indoor program. It’s a program that the whole family can take part in, it can be exciting, and fun for everyone at the same time. We can see this program as a kind of challenge. It doesn’t just work your brain and logic, but it often comes down to even a small workout due to the number of calories burned during the game in this escape room adventure.

In the Alien vs Predator room, you and your team will be the explorers who must save their comrades from the threat posed to them by the monsters popping out of nowhere. On this orbit, you have a total of 60 minutes to rescue the team from a planet teeming with monsters and escape! Will you succeed? Not known yet, but if you’re looking for an adventure and a good deal of excitement, this is the room for you.

New hobbies, new goals, and more change

A visit to the escape room can even be incorporated into your routine as well. We think it could be very exciting to get out of a new room every week!

An ambitious goal can inspire others in our environment, so let’s not try to embark on this great adventure alone, but let’s do it together. It is much more motivating to start something together and if we go along the path towards the goal together, in the end we will be happy to succeed as a team.

Budapest has great things in store in 2022, so we encourage everyone to visit the Hungarian capital, try escape rooms, Escape Room Budapest adventures, good restaurants, pub tours, visit museums, famous buildings and last but not least, we recommend a scooter tour through the city.

Budapest and the Escape Room team are waiting for you in 2022 as well!

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