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Alien vs Predator

Level: hard

Group: 2-6

Duration ~1 Hour

Playable in English or Hungarian

Escape room prices

2 players

14.990 huf / group

3 players

16.990 huf / group

4 players

17.990 huf / group

5 players

18.990 huf / group

6 players

19.990 huf / group

After catching an emergency call from your friends, you arrive on an unknown planet to save them. You soon find the plane wreck, but there is no sign of your friends. You’re heading towards the jungle, when you realize where you are: aliens and predators are watching you from the darkness waiting for the perfect time to kill you. Are you brave enough to find your missing friends in 60 minutes, get back on the plane and disappear from this planet forever?

1066 Budapest Zichy J. street. 39.

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