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How to Improve Your Problem-Solving Skills

The great art of problem solving is one that most of us should realise to be absolutely crucial in a great many endeavours of everyday life, from software coding to planning the best route to your place of work. If that journey is by public transport then you’re more than likely to notice commuters hard at work on a crossword or a Sudoku, so it seems that overcoming mental challenges is business as well as pleasure. With these skills representing such an important part of our daily lives, what are a few tips and techniques that it would be useful to know?

Identify the problem – something that many often leave out is a thorough deconstruction of the problem in hand. The first stage should be to understand the problem, rather than be overcome by the troubles represented.

Ask why – one technique of problem solving is to ask as many ‘why’ questions as you can think of relating to the challenge. This can help to clarify the situation and provide a good starting point from which to find solutions.

Work on the right problem – this is something that may all too easily be overlooked, but it is often the case that the right problem is not the one being addressed, so be careful to ensure your labours are not wasted.

Focus on the solution – it has been proven by neuroscientists that the brain is less likely to find solutions if it is focussed on the problem. This is because giving the problem too much attention activates negative emotions which restricts a solution oriented mindset.

Think laterally – it’s easily to get stuck in the same path because the other options haven’t been considered. Lateral thinking involves being open minded enough to see a range of different possibilities. This is a much more creative mode of thinking that is sure to lead to success.

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