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Greatest Egypt Themed Adventure Movies


The Ancient Egypt is definitely an inexhaustible source when it comes to filmmaking: you only have to think of the legends about their rulers, all the mythological creatures and mysteries of the Egyptian heritage, such as hieroglyphs, mummies, or the pyramids built thousands of years ago. Of course, the movie industry is not the only one who can make a profit from the Land of the Pharaohs, there are many games built on Egyptian legends – for example, Locked in the Pyramid, which is one of our escape rooms at Escape Room Budapest!

But for now, let’s stick with movies, as there are plenty of great adventure films based upon the Egyptian culture. Here are a few:

The Mummy

We obviously remember all of Brendan Fraser’s worried facial expressions, but did you know that The Mummy from 1999 was already a remake? The story was based on a 1932 classic horror directed by Karl Freund. And of course, Universal already started a reboot trilogy in 2017 starring Tom Cruise! If none of these sound familiar for you, you better watch these films – long story short, they are all about mummies waking up from their tomb. Spooky!

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Okay, this is obviously a classic! The story of Dr. Henry Walton Jones, also known as Indiana Jones, who goes from a professor of archaeology to the most badass adventurer ever. This first movie was made in 1981, but this American franchise has made three more Indiana Jones movies since then. There is still one on the way, planned to be released in 2020!


Stargate has become an extremely popular franchise since the first movie was released in 1994. The original story is about an interstellar teleportation device found in Egypt, which leads to another planet where ancient Egyptian-like humans live. Several films and a well-known TV series has been released in the topic since then, and there are also Stargate-themed fan conventions, the most famous is Gatecon located in Vancouver, Canada. It seems like fans did not lose their interests in the past 24 years, as this franchise is a bountiful universe where anything can happen.

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