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Five reasons to go to an escape room in the summer


The next generation of gaming is better than ever, because it is real! Join and discover the Budapest escape gaming scene to take part in the madness. Ever wondered why people love it? Spend a day from your summer vacation in one of our rooms to understand why.

1. Budapest is an ideal summer destination for a vacation. The weather is hot, the beaches and spas are open and the city truly comes alive these months. Sometimes, the heat can be unbearable as it can reach 40 degrees Celsius. To escape the heat, try our escape rooms, equipped with AC! Most of them are down in a basement anyway, so there’s no better place to chill.

2. Sometimes the weather can trick you in other ways. It happened before that torrential downpours hit the city without prior notice. You cannot really go sightseeing or hiking when the whole city swims in rainwater. A Budapest escape room can be a safe haven from the rain.

3. Summer in the city is all about partying and visiting the bars in Budapest. To get you into the mood or to impress your hostel friends, start the night with an adventure game. Our rooms will provide you an opportunity to bond with new people and make new friends easily.

4. As most Hungarians go on vacation or visit relatives in the summer, you might want to make a booking in the escape room this time. They are less crowded and you will definitely not bump into a company team building group or a family birthday party.

5. Summer blockbusters come to cinemas and you will certainly get inspiration from one of them. As escape games in Budapest are based on movies and video games, you can relive the experience you just saw on screen with us!

If you’re looking for a new and exciting way to spend your time, try escape gaming! We bet you will get addicted. It combines adventure, puzzles and team play, so you will need your skills and the help of others to escape. Click our website to find out more!

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