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Escape Rooms and Stag-Do, The Perfect Combination


Do you want to spend an ideal day in Budapest? If the answer is yes, than match the escape room adventure and a stag do party to have a very special day! When you have an important day in your life, you have to give it a proper celebration. We will tell you why choose these two to have a memorable day!

Budapest is a truly amazing city that gives you entertainment like no one else can. The fastest growing fun activity in the city is escape rooms. Imagine that you and your mates are trapped inside a mysterious room, where you have to figure out how to escape. This is a thrilling brain game that will keep your adrenalin levels high! All escape games come with a story to follow and have hidden clues that you need to collect. You can choose from a wide variety of themes from time travelling to serial killers. It is not just fun, but a great way to bring your squad together by solving an exciting puzzle!

Escape rooms are a real special treats in Budapest. This real life game was invented here and since then, it was refined and developed to give you an amazing experience. All the decors and details are made by artists and the game mechanism is tested by game masters. This is team game, where you have to work together and find a solution. For a stag party, it is a great choice to break the ice and create a memorable experience for the whole team.

Most stag-dos are only about party and nothing more. This is simple, yet rewarding way to spend that important day. What if you want to make it special? An escape game could be a great addition! Start your party night with a fun adventure that will get everyone excited. If you want to set the mood for the party, visit an escape room first!

If you really want to impress your friend on his very special day, make sure to book a stag party with us combined with an escape game adventure! It will be a truly unique, one of a kind experience that will be one of your fondest memories together. Visit our site to make a booking!

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