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The Pharaoh's Burial Chamber

The Pharaoh's Burial Chamber

  • 2 people - 11990 HUF / group
    3-5 people - 13490 HUF / group
    6 people - 2490 HUF / person
  • 2-6
  • ~1 Hour

Egyptian exit game in downtown! You were close to solve the mystery of the egyptian relics, but the government confiscated all research material and exhibited in the museum. The brave task awaits for you to lure into the museum at night and finish what you have just began: Solve the secret of the pyramid!

Your team has 60 minutes to solve the mysteries of the chamber and escape the tomb. The clock is ticking; work in teams, think and act together to complete this adventure!

  •  Detailed set design, time-tested game mechanism
  •  A pro game master to help out if you ever get stuck
  •  Easy to reach via public transportation
  •  Fan favorite choice
  •  No jump scares
  •  English speaking escape game

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  • Please note that we have multiple locations.
  • The address of this room: 1055 Budapest, Szent István körút 9.
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