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The Motel

The Motel

  • 14000 HUF / group
  • 2-6
  • ~1 Hour
  • medium

You are out of town, far from any known places, in a shady motel room. The night is dark and there’s an eerie silence outside the lot. You are in a Motel - what could go wrong? You have been tasked to check out yet another suicide. It is the fifth now in a row, same motel, same room. Could there be a connection?

Enter the Motel room, to experience Escape Room Budapest’s most difficult room, only the best of the best emerge from this truly puzzling brain-teaser! What does the Motel offer?

  •  The story might sound frightening, but there are no jump scares!
  •  You will be guided by an experienced game-master if you ever get stuck
  •  You have sixty minutes to solve the Motel
  •  Escape Room Budapest’s newest room!
  •  English speaking staff
  •  Great location, easy to reach via public transportation

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  • Please note that we have multiple locations.
  • The address of this room: 1061 Budapest, Székely Mihály u. 4.
    Contact us  +36 30 185 69 96