Magyar változat



  • 2 people - 9 990 HUF / group
    3-5 people - 13 490 HUF / group
    6+ people - 2490 HUF / person
  • 2-6
  • ~1 Hour
  • medium

Ships keep disappearing mysteriously in the region - the crew and cargo never to be found again. Local rumors have it, a deep sea creature lurks in the area and hunts for sailors: anyone who ventures there will be dragged down into the abyss. The Nautilus and its crew are sent to investigate the case and find whatever threatens the safety of the locals. Find the mysterious creature and secure the waters for good!

  •  Professional game design, carefully tested environment and mechanism
  •  A pro game master to guide you in solving The secret of the depths
  •  Great location, easy to reach via public transportation
  •  No jump scares
  •  English speaking escape game

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  • Please note that we have multiple locations.
  • The address of this room: 1066 Budapest Zichy J. street. 39.
    Contact us  +36 30 185 69 96