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Level: hard

Group: 2-6

Duration ~1 Hour

Playable in English or Hungarian


2 players

11.990 huf / group

3-5 players

16.500 huf / group

6 players

3.000 huf / person

Availability for today


Countless ships and crews have gone missing along with their precious cargo on the open seas. What could have happened to them? Local legend says a mysterious underwater creature terrorizes the waters, so most don't dare embark on the journey and even if they do, they try to avoid the region. The few who were brave enough to venture into the abyss have disappeared without a trace. The government has asked you, the crew of the Nautilus, to uncover the secrets of the depths. Nothing is known of the deadly creature - make sure you don't become its next prey!

Defeat the creature of the sea, uncover the hidden secrets of the Nautilus and recover the treasure! Glory shall be yours, but don't forget: you only have 60 minutes before you go on the missing list!

Does it ring a bell?

The insipiration for our escape game came from Captain Nemo's advetures! Do you remember the stories? We have put a little twist on it - both in how you encounter the monster, and the monster itself: here, it won't turn out to be another submarine disguised as a kraken!

Unique escape room

The Nautilus is the first steampunk themed escape room in Budapest. Both the inside and outside feature victorian-era decorations of the steampunk world! Here you won't find any boring plastic parts, all of the room is filled with metal pipes, gears, springs and various gizmos. What good would a plastic submarine be, after all?

  •  Professional game design, carefully tested environment and mechanism
  •  A pro game master to guide you in solving The secret of the depths
  •  Great location, easy to reach via public transportation
  •  No jump scares
  •  English speaking escape game

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