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Level: very hard

Group: 2-6

Duration ~1 Hour

Playable in English or Hungarian

Escape room prices

2 players

15.990 huf / group

3 players

17.990 huf / group

4 players

18.990 huf / group

5 players

19.990 huf / group

6 players

20.990 huf / group

There’s a fine line between genius and insanity...that’s that case with the professor who’s working on this mysterious lab. Although he claims to do harmless research, none of the "volunteers" have ever returned. Nobody even knows what’s happening in the lab, so now it’s your turn to reveal the truth. Your best shot is to apply as "volunteers" to his research, but be careful as your life is on risk. You’ll only have 60 minutes to find out the truth before the professor execute his crazy plan.

1067 Budapest, Csengery utca 76.

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