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Why Should You Plan Your First Date In An Escape Room?

Revolutionize your first date? Solve a real mystery with your date as you decipher clues & crack mind-bending challenges, while you lose track of time. We think this is the best first date idea we can offer – Visit Budapest Escape Room for a real escape game experience. Escape Room Budapest is here to save you some time, while planning the first meet up. Where to go, what to do? We have the answer. And we invite you to follow along, while we will list some more tips and tricks that will make sure your date would like a second evening with you in the near future.

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear ‘an ideal date’?

Well, we are sure the same cliched concepts of a candlelight dinner, watching a funny rom-com, or going on a long drive might be flashing across your mind. And trust us, we are not blaming you for this. If we were asked the same question a few years back, the answer would have been the same. But sometimes, a single experience transforms your worldview and makes you look at things differently. So, if you too are bored with regular dating ideas and are looking for something exciting, you are just in the right place. It all started with people not knowing where to take their dates after matching on Tinder or having a fun night out in the city. Everyone wants their date to be nothing but perfect.

So let us tell you a story about a friend who wanted to date someone, but had not idea where to take her:

„Yes, it was a tall order to fill, but my infatuated side wanted nothing else. So, as can be imagined, the nearer the day came, the more I kept losing my mind. We had met before but never in a romantic sense. He was one of the most intelligent guys I had met, and I was absolutely freaking out, wanting to plan a date that would impress his smart side. Then there were the constant questions buzzing around my mind.

What am I gonna say? Where should we go? Should I initiate conservation first?

Feeling extremely nervous, I felt like dropping the idea and cancelling the whole plan. But then, the same friend who had set me up with her cousin did the second best thing for me; she suggested I try an escape room for a date and he gave me some reasons why, which perfectly made sense.” It is challenging, romantic and exciting at the same time – what else can you wish for? 

Many of you have celebrated their 1st-anniversary with an escape room date night and could not stop singing its praises. So why wouldn't it work for a first date?

Go For This One!

Now, you have got a glimpse of what an ideal date looks like.

So, if anyone were to ask my opinion about a perfect date, hands down, my only answer would be to go check out Budapest Escape Room for an ideal date, especially for first dates and Valentine’s day dates.

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