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Why choose escape room Budapest?

At Escape Room Budapest, you are in for a thrilling and unique experience. Test your intelligence, creativity and resourcefulness by trying to escape from a locked room together with your friends, colleagues and classmates. All the rooms offer exciting scenarios, such as escaping from a bank heist gone wrong or from a serial killer. Here are the best reasons to choose Escape Room Budapest:

Experience different situations and scenarios

You and your friends can try to escape from one of the four rooms. Each room offers an unique scenario and atmosphere. You can be a team of bank robbers who have to escape before the cops get there. Or you can be the good guys and stop a serial killer from murdering again. Love Indiana Jones? Then try and solve the mystery of the Pharaoh’s Burial Chamber and retrieve the artifact. All the rooms have their own unique atmosphere to go with the scenario they present. This gets you heart running and makes you work under pressure. After all, you have to escape!

A great group activity

Gather all your friends or colleagues, work together to solve the puzzles and escape the room. At Escape Room Budapest, you can bring all your friends. Everybody has a role to play and cooperation is the key to success. The maximum number of persons in a group is eight!

Test your skills

Think you’re smart? We know you are, but you can still prove it to the whole world by escaping from a room in time. Escape rooms will test your team’s creativity and resourcefulness. You have to work together to solve puzzles. Each correct answer will give you the next clue, until you eventually find the key and escape. The basics sound easy, but there are many twists and traps. Remember that you only have an hour to escape! If the timer expires, you will be let out of your room, but that doesn’t count as escaping it!

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