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Things to do after your Escape Room

Escape rooms are the next big thing in Budapest and Europe as well. While there are numerous gaming rooms in the city, even we can acknowledge the fact that there is indeed such thing as ‘too much escape room games’ for a day. So, when you reach your limit, what can one do in Budapest! This the definite Escape Room Budapest top list of activities, are you ready?

Go on a Pub Crawl

If you are one of those people who have never heard about pubcrawling, here’s the deal. Pub crawls are organized tours for international and locals alike that explore the best pubs and bars in a city. Usually there is a fixed price, that includes welcome drinks, free entrance to clubs, with many other perks and entertainment! If you want to check out the best ruin pubs, make sure you check out Pub Crawl Budapest and their services! They even visit one of the best clubs in the city!

Have you heard of Beer Bikes?

Beerikes or pedal bars are essentially moving bars. You hop on a huge installment, equipped with a huge keg, and you pedal and drink your way into total exhaustion and drunken haze. Rocking on the streets of Budapest with your favorite jam blasting through the speakers is immense fun.

Take a sightseeing bus

Might sound a bit touristy, but in fact, sightseeing buses are one the best ways to efficiently explore a city and its best attractions! Hop on Hop off Budapest has an awesome service that includes a special night trail, which visits the most beautiful nighttime sights of the city! Oh, if that is not enough, their tickets usually also entail a ride on a sightseeing boat!

Escape games are great fun for all ages, book your tour with Escape Room Budapest and enjoy the challenges!

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