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The Future of Escape Games

Escape rooms are all the buzz currently not jut in Budapest, but worldwide. The best evidence of this phenomena is the fact that every major city in the world has now several escape games, giving a welcome change of answer to the age old question of “what are we doing this weekend?”

But what’s next? In their most basic form escape games rely on a pretty simple receive. Get a room, put a team in it, give them a few clues and a fix amount of time to solve a puzzle or challenge. Some rooms have great decor, props, even offer dresses, while others are more simplistic (You mean cheap? Nah, we’re not gonna say that!). The concept of escape games can be traced back to the roots of gaming, and point and click video games. Funnily enough, the interactivity of these games may make a comeback, as escape rooms around the world consider taking a turn back towards the roots of the genre!

An upcoming new feature for escape games is virtual and augmented reality. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a Google Glass or maybe even an Oculus on you or one of your teammates, and allow them to interact with the room around them? This concept certainly takes escapism to a whole new level! A great example of this idea lies in Washington, where an up-and-coming escape room in dc decided to implement a room with complete virtual reality! The room, called Oblivion, will feature mouth-watering aesthetics, and equipment that geeks out even the most cynical! Welcome to the future!

In the meantime, enjoy the funs of participating in an actual reality. Escape Room Budapest has the best escape games in town, at your convenience! Book a room today and don’t miss out!

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