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Signs that you will Love Escape Rooms!

Never tried an escape game? Here’s our list of signs that you will definitely love escape rooms.

Creativity is your passion

In order to complete the missions of Escape Room Budapest you have to solve a number of tricky puzzles. These puzzles are not easy, and you only have one hour to pass them. It will be very hard to escape the room if you are not using your creativity. Therefore the more you play the smarter you become. Great deal, right?

You are a skillful communicator

In an escape room, it is not enough to be smart but you have to be a great team player. You must be able to make the information flow between your teammates by sharing and accepting them. If you can’t communicate fast enough, you won’t be able to win the game.

You like having fun with your friends

Do you prefer going out with your friends, spending time and sharing some lifetime adventure experience with them? An escape room is not like going out in a pub sitting around the same table and focusing on your smartphones. The game sets an aim for you: complete the challenge and win the game. Escape Room Budapest gives you the opportunity to spend time together with your loved ones in a new, different way. The adventure experience and the special feeling of each room provide challenge and fun at the same time. Playing and laughing with your friends. What’s not to like?

You like to create new connections

Even if we live in the virtual reality of computer games, we still need each other’s company and get socialized. Most of the time, players come in groups, but sometimes strangers work together. At Escape Room Budapest you have the opportunity to create a team with strangers. The common experiences bring people together and help create new friendships. Do you want some new friends? We have an idea.

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