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Outdoor activities for after your escape

You’ve just gained an awesome experience, you managed to escape (or maybe not… then skip
reading this article and keep on trying! ) and you’re starting to plan things to do afterwards. Let us
give you some useful advice here.

Join a Budapest walk

First of all, taking a walking tour is essential to get to know the history, culture, cuisine and maybe a
little bit of the language of the country where you’re spending your vacation. On a Budapest walk you
get the opportunity to have a local guide, who tells you about the sights in a fun, educational and
helpful way and they can also give you their honest recommendations about restaurants, pubs, clubs,
museums and places to go. Plus one reason to join a Budapest walk: travellers from all over the world
come together on these tours and you can meet really interesting people, artists, professors,
housewives, maybe from a country where you’re planning to travel next. It’s a great opportunity to
collect useful information about your future destinations and to make new friends.

Visit green spaces in the city

Three must see green areas in the city centre of Budapest are the City Park (Városliget), The Gellért
hill (Gellérthegy) and the Margaret island (Margit sziget). In the City Park you can find many great
things: the Vajdahunyad castle, the Zoo of Budapest, the Heroes square and if you are in the mood
for swimming or relaxing in a hot pool, you can choose the Széchenyi bathhouse where they have
indoor and outdoor pools as well. The Gellért hegy is the highest viewpoint of the city centre and you
can enjoy a beautiful view of the Pest and the Buda side from the top. On your way up or down you
can sit down in the grass or on bench to relax a bit in under the trees of the hill. The Margaret island is
also a great opportunity to be outside even more after your Budapest walk, when the weather is nice.
It’s a huge park with a swimming pool, beach, open air pubs and a running track around it.
Spring and the upcoming summer is the best time to be outside, so good luck for your escape, we
hope you get our successfully and will be able to spend a lot of time outside in the sunshine, too

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