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Our Favorite Mystery Movies


Our escape rooms in Budapest often got inspiration from some thought-provoking movies, which feature some unique mysteries. These movies are great not just because they have mysteries and adventures in them, but also for great acting and directing. Take a look at our top picks!

A geek favorite is the Cube, which triggered the imagination of millions, many among them escape game artists. The film starts with people being trapped inside a mysterious cube, which has hidden passages and deadly traps. The prisoners (or players?) want to escape this lethal labyrinth and in doing so, they trigger the traps. Nobody knows, how it really got there, this rotating set of cube rooms, and the way out seems always one step further. The mystery and the setting paved a way for a set of sequels, though they didn’t rival the original.

Another cult piece is the The Prestige, with its ingenious ideas and magic tricks. The plot is basically very simple. Two magicians battle each other to create the perfect illusion, the ultimate magic trick that will bring them everlasting fame. In search for the holy grail of magic, they sacrifice everything and threaten their own lives. The film has outstanding actors Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale as protagonists, bringing you the world of 19th century illusionists.

Almost everybody heard of the movie Old Boy. The South-Korean classic is a quintessential piece of our mystery series and also a notable installment of Asian cinema. After released from a mysterious prison, Oh Dae-Su has 5 days to find his captors and the murderers of his wife. We only get some basic flashbacks about his life prior to prison so most of the story is left in the dark. His quest for revenge and salvation leads him to find a mysterious man, who is the villain behind his sufferings.

All of these films feature inspiring ideas, which shaped our escape games in Budapest. If you want to be part of a similar adventure, take a look at our escape rooms and related stories. Don’t wait for it to happen, check out our site now to learn more!

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