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Indoor activities in Budapest

Some of us prefer being outdoors, but many of us can enjoy indoor activities better. Spending time indoors or outdoors with friends and family doesn't really matter, until it is being spent in a meaningful way. Sometimes the weather is unpredictable. It is better to be prepared for all scenarios and for all possible outcomes. No one wants to go around the city in wet clothes and in soaked shoes. To make sure, we won’t get caught by the rain or by a big storm, it is better if we have a plan B, and we plan some activities in indoor places as well. Of course, we can trust the weather forecast, and the predictions regarding the weather, seen on TV, but you never know… We collected the top activities that can be done inside, safe from the rain or snow in the winter.

Have you ever heard about axe throwing? Of course, you did! But now it is time for you to try it in real life, and with a real axe! Great place to get a bit crazy, let off some steam and then go home totally relaxed. With the Budapest Card 10% discount is available for you at this venue.

Budapest Pinball Museum is a place for adults who share a passion about the pinball games and who are fans of this incredibly made machine. At the end of last year this attraction was the most popular cultural attraction of 2021. How cool is that?! More than 30 years ago legendary Data East marketed a pinball called the ‘Time Machine’. This name has got a symbolic meaning ever since, not just because today all pinballs have transformed into a time machine and remnants of an old age, but also because all of us would like to just crawl inside and live in these magical worlds. More than 130 machines can be found here, they take you back to a time before computer games. 

Our second suggestion is on the other side of the city. The hospital in the Rock Atombunker Museum is one of the most famous and most special museums of Budapest.  The Hospital in the Rock is truly unique, since it is a Nuclear Bunker Museum, which is located under Buda Castle, in Budapest. The Budapest Card provides a 25% percent discount on the price of your museum ticket. What is this place? The place was developed into a nuclear bunker during the Cold War and was kept strictly secret until 2002, when it began to uncover the whereabouts of the Rock Hospital. These above mentioned places were only three out of the many that are opened for you with the Budapest Card.

This purchase will be the one that is totally worth it for you and will make sense when considering your holiday budget. With the Budapest Card the opportunities are endless.We would like to offer something outstanding to all the people who visit Budapest. Since every Forint counts, spend it wisely with the Budapest Card.

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