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How to master the art of staying focused under pressure?


Many times it can happen in the escape rooms that pressure hits in and we are trying to stay focused, but it is impossible. Well, nothing is impossible. In this article we will show you how to stay focused in the most stressful situations and how to solve these problems under pressure, even in an escape room.

Most people feel a lot of workplace stress and pressure these days. It’s a common thing among professionals in all levels of responsibility and hierarchy. But not only in the workplace, also in real life the pressure can be bothersome. 

People come to our escape rooms to relax and have fun. To enjoy the company of their teammates and colleagues, but also to learn about themselves and learn about life, while playing the game. They try different techniques, different ways of solving the problem and many times handling the pressure in the escape room can be crucial.

This is especially the case with salespeople and other occupations where employees have to act quickly and maintain good relationships with a lot of prospects or clients on a daily basis. These people are one of our main target groups. We try to handle the escape room game as real life situations in order to learn and experience together with our players.

But if you want to keep a high level of productivity, and avoid any unnecessary mistakes, you need to master the art of staying focused under pressure.

In this article, we will unpack the 3 tricks to staying focused under pressure.

Although many people think that handling stress comes as a natural talent for some professionals, it is actually something that everyone can learn with just a little bit of practice. PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE!

1. Focus on one thing at the time

Multitasking is one of the leading causes of stress at work. In our escape rooms you can learn how to focus on one thing at the time. Just stay focused on that one specific thing that you would like to solve at this very moment, and we guarantee you will be more efficient than ever before.

Don’t look at your duties or future tasks as a huge pile of work, but rather as a set of phases that you should deal with one by one. 

2. Take breaks

Although in the escape rooms you don’t have much time, taking your task seriously by taking some tiny breaks once in a while is the only way to improve and advance in game. With occasional breaks you can re-focus and manage your emotions.

3. Exercise

People who are physically fit have a greater intellectual endurance. Come to the escape rooms prepared. We don’t say you have to go to the gym every day before your escape room appointment. But we can guarantee it will be much easier! We highly recommend that you dedicate some time to training and keep yourself in a good shape.

Using these tricks in the escape room will make your life so much easier in the game. 

In the next article we will tell you a few more, in order to be able to win! 

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