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Have you ever wondered what you are going to do in the winter?

Unfortunately, there are fewer and fewer hours of sunshine, so we’re forced to figure out how we can spend our time between the four walls.

We would like to give you a little help for this, so we have put together the best programs that Budapest has to offer in the winter. We tried to focus on indoor venues and experiences, but there were also a couple of places on the list that were outdoor recreational activities, but it would be a shame to miss out.

When one walks in Budapest, they cannot walk past the Christmas fairs as Christmas approaches. There is always something to see here.

We can see two of them in the capital, one in Vörösmarty Square and the other in front of the Basilica.

There are other small and large Christmas fairs in Budapest, which usually open in mid-November and close at the end of December (December 31) each year. The two city’s central markets attract hundreds of thousands of visitors, and these are the most spectacular. Have you been to any of them yet?

The most beautiful, oldest and internationally recognized Budapest Christmas market in the heart of the city is the Vörösmarty Square Christmas Market (since 1998).

The other, where you will also find beautiful quality handicrafts and special Hungarian delicacies, such as chimney cakes, is the Budapest Basilica Christmas Fair, right in front of the beautiful St. Stephen's Basilica, on St. Stephen's Square.

At the festive Christmas fairs, the young artists and great talents of Hungary will be presented, who really make their products with love and attention. Continuing the long tradition of glassblowing, knitting, wood carving, candle making, pottery, and the leather trade (making straps, making bags), these craftsmen work. There is also traditional Hungarian embroidery and lace work.

Then now comes the indoor option, as after an hour or two spent at the fair, a little more movement will be good to warm up.

A variety of unusual experiences built into your vacation schedule can spice up your time away from home.

This is where the super indoor shooting range of Shooting Range Budapest comes into play. It's fun, not average, and not an everyday entertainment option.

Whether in a team or alone, not in a team - that’s what makes it incredibly exciting!

After watching the fair, getting presents for everyone and fighting yourself out on the shooting range, head out for some more fun:

You could let it go with another mulled wine in your hand, but we know better. Escape rooms! Sure, you're guaranteed to warm up here.

You can choose from several exciting rooms and themes, and you don’t even have to do it all alone. Bring your family or friends together and discover the mysteries of the rooms together. If you find a way out before the time limit expires, you will surely leave with a big smile on your face.

After you have had enough activity, you need to relax, so we close the day with a little bathing. Head to the famous spa of Budapest, the Széchenyi Bath. With outdoor and indoor pools, the gates of the spa are open all year round, even in winter and summer, and even during the Christmas period. This is what we are talking about!

The thermal water of the Széchenyi Spa comes to the surface from a depth of 1246 meters at a temperature of 76 ° C from the second deepest well in Budapest. Thanks to continuous improvements, guests can now choose from 21 pools. The adventure pool has a drift corridor, underwater effervescence, different massage elements and a jet of water massaging your back hidden in the benches, so you have everything you need to feel good.

You don't need more than that! We’ve planned it, all you have to do is walk through the little Christmas tour we figured out for you.

Come to Budapest and play together in one of our escape rooms, because this will make the Budapest experience the best of your life!

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