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Have a Christmas in Budapest!

Christmas is a holiday when everyone loves to be close to their loved ones and relatives. Unfortunately, the current situation in the world does not always allow us to be with those we love the most. There is nothing to do but improvise!

What do we mean by that?

Imagine you're in Budapest, you don't know anyone, but you're forced to celebrate here this year. What will you do?

You need to find programs, call your colleagues, acquaintances, or friends, and organize your own Christmas. We thought we'd put together a few things that are essential for a Hungarian Christmas. We have collected traditions and food ideas without a Christmas is not Christmas in Budapest.

First, you need a tree. Here in Hungary, we usually choose not to decorate a fake pine, but the real one. In Budapest, however, it is easier to carry an artificial pine in most apartments, and it is easier to clean afterwards. A star is usually placed on top of the tree, but everything else is decorated according to one's own taste.

Stuffed cabbage, fish soup, broth and duck breast are also essentials on the festive table. At the end of the dinner, we usually put the cherry on the top of the evening with a gerbeaud cake or bejgli. According to tradition, the Hungarian bejgli is made with walnut or poppy seed filling, but we can also try other versions at the Christmas fairs, such as chestnut-blueberries, which is surprisingly good.

You can also get mulled wine at the Christmas fairs, but it is better to make it yourself at home if you want it to be very delicious. A little clove, cinnamon, orange, and the majestic drink is ready to warm everyone up. If you have to think about kids, you can also find kid punch, hot chocolate, hot cocoa or tea at many vendors to reward the little ones.

At Christmas, Budapest has many programs in store, so we don't have to say that those who would have stuck here by chance won't be bored either. Concerts, theater performances, museums and exhibitions are also open during the festive period. Many restaurants and cafes open even at Christmas, so if you want Hungarian flavors but don't feel like working at home on them, you can go and buy holiday dishes. Many restaurants make the festive dishes specifically for takeaways and make it easier for everyone to cook at home.

If you are not familiar with Hungarian cuisine, in order to prevent trouble with the festive feast, you should entrust the preparation of it to professionals.

Many churches in the capital are also waiting for visitors during the Christmas holidays. For those who want to wander around the city after Mass, the beautifully decorated streets and buildings will surely be in full bloom until the end of December.

If you’re looking for something quite interesting and don’t want to sit at home, you’re already bored of board games, and all the Christmas music has gone down while decorating your gingerbread, we suggest you visit one of our escape rooms and test yourself in one of the different challenging rooms. Challenge your colleagues and friends and forge the team together in a truly unforgettable afternoon.

Let the New Year start by getting to know each other better and saying goodbye to the Old Year as a truly bonded team.

The Escape Room Budapest is waiting for everyone in winter, too!

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