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Gadgets That Could Change the Future of Escape Gaming

Escape gaming in Budapest is in constant development, new ideas are coming to town to give you more excitement and thrills. The use of groundbreaking inventions and the development of classical gadgets bring new life to the game. Here’s a list of a few exciting gadgets that will shape the future of the game!

The biggest thing today in escape rooms is the introduction of virtual reality technologies (VR). These helmets bring a whole new reality into the room and reward players with never before seen experience. Props, decors and tasks can be varied without limits, and VR can give a special feeling to sci-fi themed rooms. For the first time, you can interact with your environment in a never before seen way. Imagine exploring a pharaoh’s tomb with a torch in your hand! This is all possible with a little help from VR. Although the technology is still in development, there are a lot of promising results and you can now try the first prototypes. One thing’s for sure, the next year in escape gaming will be about VR environment.

Props and decors are developing at a similar speed. Tiny LED lights illuminate hidden surfaces and create a different ambience for the room. We also have to mention the new magnetic locks, which are harder to figure out, but even the classic combination locks and detonators feature new looks and small touchscreens to work with. Just like in a movie, infrared sensors add extra excitement to the game by creating an invisible barrier around doors and escape routes. You’ll need some new tricks to defuse them! Few rooms have experimented with servo arms and hydraulic machinery too. All of these can develop the feeling of reality of the game and create new challenges for the excitement of players.

The environment and the game itself is in constant development, so as the trends show, the game will not fade into mediocrity and escape rooms are here to stay for the next decade. If you got interested in escape gaming, make sure to visit our site and book one our latest adventures!

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