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Five Surprising Facts about the Maya Empire


If you like ancient mysteries, than our Maya adventure is just for you to try! Immerse yourself in the secrets and riddles of the Mayans with the help of our escape room in Budapest. Before you enter the room, listen to some amazing facts about the Mayans!


One of the most advanced civilizations of the ancient world were the Mayans. Their astronomical discoveries, mathematical knowledge and ingenuity made them centuries ahead of their time. They still keep many secrets and mysteries that are being unveiled and analyzed today. Have you heard about these?

1.  Their astronomical knowledge and architectural genius made it possible to build their famous pyramids. The ones at Chichen Itza and the one at Kukulcan are positioned in a precise way to cast a snake like shadow on the stairs during solstices. The corners of the temple also align with the position of the sun during the winter and the summer solstices.


2.  If you ever wondered about the origins of the number 0, don’t go any further. Contrary to popular belief, it was invented not by the Babylonians, but by the Mayans.


3.  Most ancient civilizations thrived in hospitable areas, like flood plains or great plateaus. The Mayans built their cities in the middle of the rainforest, which is a less than welcoming place. Their roads, irrigation systems and canals turned the dense forest into a real paradise.


4.   They were also famous for organizing the first ball games ever. These games have existed for around thousands of years accompanied by religious festivities. The stakes were high, as these games were dueled for life and death. The losing team was sacrificed and spent the rest of their otherworldly existence in the Underworld.


5.   Another interesting and highly beneficial aspect of their civilization is the fact that they used chocolate for money. As a highly prestigious food, it had a value on its own that could be exchanged for gold. Surely, we can thank them for this!


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