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Five reasons you need a DeLorean!

Marty, you have to come with me! The escape room in Budapest has a secret time machine that awaits you! Jump an adventure through time and space and discover the mystery of temporal paradoxes. Fans of the Back to the future franchise surely know that you need a DeLorean to travel through time. Do you agree?

A DeLorean with a flux capacitor might come in handy if you’re not good with deadlines. If you have an important task to complete you procrastinate, because it happens. Well, the world doesn’t always provide you with a second chance, so you have to think for yourself. Imagine that you can jump back in time 2 hours before the important deadline. It would solve a lot of stuff, wouldn’t it?

The famous American car is not just the perfect time machine but one of the best constructs of the automotive industry. The main body is made out of stainless steel that will not rust. There are already plans to restart its mass production in the future with electric engines, to make it ecofriendly.

You want a car that looks cool? Think of a DeLorean with gull-wing doors! The car features a design that is so iconic of the 80’s, it has literally become a pop cult phenomenon. The doors are just one thing, but the look, the interiors and the overall atmosphere of the car combines a futuristic look with a cool sporty feeling.

A DeLorean is a sturdy car that can withstand a lot of punishment. It’s no surprise that the Doc chose it to build a time machine. First, it can tolerate a travel through time, which is an achievement in itself. Second, it can take country roads and even rails – with a little conversion. And of course, if you have a Mr Fusion kit, you can make it fly!

Every time traveler knows that you need to reach 88 mph to make the jump. The DeLorean is fast, with a 170 horse power engine it can go 130 mph. Considering a car built for everyday use in 1981, it’s not bad!

So, if you got your license for time travel, make sure to try our escape gaming in Budapest. The time travel adventure awaits you! Book your room today and escape the temporal loop!

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