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Escape rooms to escape the cold!

Winter is coming to Budapest, and while the warm summer party nights of the city are one of the greatest things ever, it is important to remember that life does not stop once at end of September. In this week’s blog article we take a look at what to expect from the city in October!

Escape Room Season is On

Once the temperatures fall bellow 20 degrees Celsius, three major things happen in Budapest. The summer festivals come to an end, the party season begins, and most importantly, people head to discover new adventures! And what better way to spell adventure is there than to escape from a Pharaos’s burial chamber or to do a proper bank job? Our games are all in closed environments, no need for gloves or beer coats, making the escape room experience an all year expereince!

Trending Room Budapest?

Escape games are a thing now, more than ever! In fact, the interest for escape rooms have gun up significantly in the past years, and 2015 will be no different! With the rise of interest comes the rise of number in bookings. Luckily enough, with several different games available, here at Escape Room Budapest we can always afford a convenient time slot for your party! Don’t forget to bring your friends and wits along, as finding a serial killer or fending of a fiendish attack on a cathedral is no easy task! Indeed, with the rise of interest in escape games comes a rise of variety in escape room themes! And everyone knows, options to choose from is always a great thing!

Check out our selection of available escape room games and book your adventure online, from the convenience of your home, hotel or hostel! Pick a date and an exciting escape game, and our friendly staff will get back to you within hours!

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