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Escape Rooms around the world, part 3

In the last leg of our three part series on escape games around the world we take yet another look on how escape rooms conquered the world within months! Escape games, or often mentioned as ‘takagism’, derived from the popular Japanese game shows, are easy to set up, great fun for coworkers, friends and families, and most importantly, a great challenge for the mind! Let’s see how people around the world like to enjoy their escape games!

Exodus in Orange County

Exodus provides a generous selection of escape games in the always sunny California. Who would have guessed Orange County to be a popular destination for escape rooms, yet there they are! With attractions like the Disneyland Resorts, great beaches and the electric Angels Stadium Orange County has something new to offer! Make way for Takagism!


It is not common for Korea to miss out on any kind of hype, and the same applies to escape rooms. Korean culture is rich in the motifs of riddles and solving mental challenges, so bringing a game centered around them is a great idea. As the wonderful site of Seoul Escape proves! Ideal for friends, lovers (after all, this is Korea and its famous bang culture!) and colleagues, Seoul Escape is always there to entertain!

Where hearts are entertained in June

Finally, we venture onto yet another continent. Brazil is yet another fun loving country, and as such escape games were welcomed with open arms. With two, well-crafted rooms, Puzzle Room manages to entertaining with great elegance and ease. Check out their awesome gallery!

And if you happen to be in Hungary? Well, Escape Room Budapest has got you covered!

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