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Escape Rooms around the world, part 2

In the second article of our three part series on escape games around the world we take one last good look on the emerging global phenomena of takagism! Our stops this time include the chilly Canada, Lincoln Nebraska, and the always charming city of Tel Aviv! Buckle up, and follow the expert guidance of Escape Room Budapest!

Lincoln Escape Rooms

We start with Lincoln, a city not often associated with adventure and mystery, yet the Lincoln Escape Rooms make a solid case on why and how to visit the city in style. Their rooms cater to an established and eager audience of locals and visitors alike, and with sophisticated games, like the Musician, their selection is truly top notch. Maybe it is indeed time for Lincoln and Budapest to become sister cities!

Israel, Tel Aviv

Israel is yet another location where not many would guess to check out escape rooms on their first visit. Questmania’s rooms, located in Tel Aviv, prove that there is an alive and kicking escape room scene in the capital of the country. With a lush selection of three rooms (and another two coming soon!), Questmania is an ideal location to liven up your stay in the always exciting Tel aviv! And much to much of our surprise, their company logo is not dissimilar to our very own Escape Room Budapest! What are the chances!

Get Away in Canada

With the spread of escape games around the world, it was only a matter of time before Canada hopped on the hype train - and they did in style! AdventureRooms with their two rooms, located in Kitchener and Niagara Falls, manages to show why thousands fell in love with escape games. Their rooms are ingenious yet simple, and with four unique games the selection is on par with most “franchise” European on Japanese establishments.

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