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Escape rooms are very popular in the Hungarian capital


Escape rooms are very popular in the Hungarian capital. Budapest is full of places that can provide this unique experience to tourists and to locals as well. You are welcome to visit us not only on your holiday, but also in your free time or on special occasions, like birthdays and stag dos. You can also just stop by on a regular Sunday, if you are bored at home, bring along your friends and spend some fun time together.

This is a type of experience that will bring you guys together and form you and your friends into a true team, it will give you that team spirit that you might have been missing until now.

Playing an escape room, especially for the very first time, can be a daunting experience. With every company being so different even a vast amount of preparation can still lead to no help when you are in the room. If you visit us, it might seem overwhelming for the first time, but you will see, it is not as difficult as it seems for the first time. So today we’re discussing escape rooms from beginning to end and hopefully helping you get rid of the pre-game fears and doubts.

So you want to book an escape room?  What should you expect?

So you’ve decided you want to try out an escape game for the very first time in Budapest, but have questions about what it would be like or if you will like it.

Generally speaking, people who love puzzles, murder mysteries, conspiracy theories, crazy stories that are based on true events or similar games to escape games will often find themselves really enjoy escape rooms as well.

What about your friends you ask?

Well, in escape rooms we often say the more the merrier, so feel free to bring them along. Of course we have certain limits in the different rooms and it takes some coordination beforehand – but do not worry, we will entertain all of you. Make sure that this is part of the planning process and is taken care of during the booking stage. Make sure the time you select is viable for everyone and also make sure that the time selected is one where everyone can arrive a bit earlier to the venue.

I’m in my escape game, now what?

So if you are a first-time player, stepping into your first escape room can be super daunting. What do you do? What can you touch? How does this all work? Where to look? How are you going to get out? Is there a possibility to ask for help?

Well, the first bit of advice I can give you is to pay close attention to both your game guide and any introductory videos that you are shown. Often these interactions will set base rules for the room and interaction with it and game guides love to hide clues about the room.

Now only one thing left to do, use all your abilities and try to get out. We could talk here all day about the preparation part, but it is easier if you go and try it live. That is the only way to test what you are capable of.

Looking forward to welcoming you and your squad at Escape Room Budapest.

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