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Craziest Motel Stories Ever


An exciting escape room is centered around a scary yet mysterious story, as our Motel escape room. When designing a new room escape room, we do some research into the subject to make the most of the game as we did with the motel story line. So, to look behind the curtains, here’s a list of motel stories that will convince you to try our motel based adventure!

If you ever venture into the Mojave Desert in California, you will experience the creeping desert silence. In the middle of nowhere stands the Joshua Tree Motel where famous country singer Gram Parsons once stayed for his last night. In 1973, during a tour, he overdosed himself and died in one of the rooms. Since then, his spirit haunts the place. People sometimes see a strange shadow lurking in the room and there have been sightings of shelves shaking by themselves.

When you go on vacation, you don’t want to spend your days in a room where people got murdered. Such was the intention of a couple who stayed at Pasada Motel in Venice Beach. When they entered the room, a strange stench filled the air. The receptionist barely spoke English and didn’t bother to look after the matter. As they soon discovered, there was a huge blood stain underneath the mattress with some rubber gloves tucked underneath the sheets. As they ran out in terror, the receptionist just turned a blind eye and told them to stay in the room, since there’s no reason to leave.

Another place in California is famous for unexplained events. The small town of Bakersfield is home to the Vagabond Inn, which had its room 106 closed down for good since it has received a ton of negative reviews. One of them mentions a direct attack from an evil spirit. The couple were staying in the room, when lights started to flicker, the TV had its channels changing randomly and all of a sudden, something started to choke the poor guy in the room. They left immediately in terror.

If you’re fascinated by motel mysteries like us, try escape gaming in Budapest and live the scary adventure. Since Budapest is the capital of escape games, you will have world-class gaming experience and professional game masters will guide you through the story. Don’t hesitate, book today!

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