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An Escape From Winter - Upcoming Events in Budapest

After a long a gruesome winter spring has finally set in Budapest, meaning that outdoor activities are once again back on the menu! Escape games are a great way to explore the emerging entertainment oriented face of Budapest, but there are much much more to see and experience in the party capital of Eastern Europe! Here’s Escape Room Budapest’s favorites for the upcoming spring months!

May 1st, Labour day

As a former socialist country Hungary still holds onto a few memorabilia of the past, one of these is May 1st, a national holiday meant to celebrate an essentially communist theme: work. Of course, celebrating labour is best done by not doing any kind of work, hence it is a national holiday. On this day the city park is packed with festivals, markets, and fun, family oriented events. If you happen to be one of Escape Room Budapest’s many family visitors, this holiday was made for you!

The Budapest Spring Festival

Spring is always a great excuse to present new art, and the Budapest Spring Festival is just the same. Strap your culture-loving helmet on, and be prepared to explore the rich art scene of the city. While escape rooms are not often associated with art and spring festivals, we always find that a little variety spices your stay in this wonderful city!

Budapest Pálinka Festival

While we have a lot of family and business visitors here at our awesome escape rooms, we do have a fair share of hen and stag parties as well. And these quite of exquisite events usually mean one thing: drinking! For these party-positive guests we recommend to check out this year’s Budapest Pálinka Festival! That’s right, escape games and pálinka do go hand in hand, and while we do not propagate the idea of excessive drinking, we do find that a shot of fine pálinka oils those rusty gears of logic!

And remember, if you ever get tired of checking out these events and decide to challenge your problem solving abilities, escape games are always there for you!

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